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Portable Hot Water Unit
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Now comes with an LPG Quick Connect as standard! The HOTTAP OUTING is a complete hot water system for off-grid use, including the legendary HOTTAP as well as the rugged 12V FLOTAP6 pump with all power connections and water inlet hoses.

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The HOTTAP is a portable hot water system that lets you have hot water and showers anywhere you want. 

It's very easy to set up - it runs off of your 9kg BBQ gas bottle and everything connects in seconds with standard gas and hose fittings. 

This OUTING kit includes our 12V FLOTAP pump and all connections for a complete off-grid hot water solution.

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Enjoy a hot shower in the bush.

Wherever you can take an LPG bottle, you can take the HOTTAP. It’s the world’s smallest water heater in its class. And enjoying a HOTTAP shower is as easy as flipping a switch.

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Built for the bush

  • Water from any source

    Forget fragile inbuilt pumps; the durable HOTTAP accepts water from any source. When you’ve got water on tap, just plug it in. And when you're off-grid, use the pump to draw water from a creek or lake.

  • Self primes up to 1.8m

    The powerful FLOTAP pump self primes with water to a height (head) of up to 1.8m from the source - and can push up to 30m up a slope. Perfect for pumping directly from a creek or lake.

  • Runs dry without damage

    If you're pumping water from a bucket or reservoir, chances are that you'll empty it. But not to worry; the FLOTAP pump has been designed so that it won't be damaged by running dry.

All the accessories

  • Filtered from debris

    The cleanable suction filter will ensure you keep debris out.

  • Any power source

    Using the safe power leads, you easily connect the FLOTAP pump directly to the car battery or lighter port.


The complete portable system.

HOTTAP is more than simply a hot water heater. We've designed a wide range of modular parts and accessories so that you can build the ultimate off-grid bathroom.

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Whats in the box?

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  • - HOTTAP
  • - Shower Head & Hose
  • - Gas Hose
  • - 12V Pump Kit (Including Filter)
Also Included:
  • - 1.5m Suction Hose for FLOTAP Pump
  • - 2m Outlet Hose for FLOTAP Pump
  • - 7m Cigarette Socket Lead
  • - 1m Alligator Clip Lead
  • - Instruction Manual
  • - 2 x DD Batteries


IAPMO ApprovalGMK10121
Injector Size0.62mm
Total NGC28.4MJ
Run Time (9kg Gas Bottle)~15 hours
Battery2 x DD
Min. Water Pressure70kPa
Max. Water Pressure900kPa
Flow Rate4-6L Per Minute
Max. Temp50°C
Max. Temp Rise30°C
Temp Rise @ 4L/Min Flow30°C
Temp Rise @ 6L/Min Flow20°C
Gas Hose Length1.2m
Shower Hose Length5m
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