Ensuite Double Awning Kit

Upgrade your bush bathroom

With the Open Plan awning kit, your Joolca Ensuite Double grows from its separate shower and change rooms to, well, double as an open-air kitchen or washing and drying space. A one-piece fly and awning offers protection from rain. A movable wall shields you from the wind. A durable floor keeps feet clean and dry. And it all easily packs into your existing Ensuite carry bag. As far as accessories go, this really is something extra!



Photos from the field Ensuite Double Awning Kit

The Joolca Awning kits attaches to your Ensuite Double Tent and includes a windproof side wall, external towel strap and integrated floor. The side wall is removable and can be installed on either side. Best of all, the carry bag of the Ensuite Double tent is expandable and designed to be large enough for the awning kit for those that choose to upgrade, so you can still carry all your bits in one bag. 

Note: Ensuite Double tent not included.