Ensuite Plumbing

Integrated Shower Head & Plumbing

Simply install it once and for all, and you’ll have integrated plumbing that folds out and packs up with your en-suite tent. 



Photos from the field Ensuite Plumbing

If Joolca’s en-suite shower tent is like a ship in a bottle (because it pitches and packs up in seconds), this plumbing kit is the flag in the masthead. Simply install it once and for all, and you’ll have integrated plumbing that folds out and packs up with your en-suite tent. It’s home, sweet home, wherever you lay your hat. Note: The 2nd shower head (shown leading to the small table of dishes) is not included - this is taken from your HOTTAP / HOTTAP Outing. 

  • Easy installation in en-suite tent conduits
  • Remains installed; packs up with tent
  • Ceiling showerhead
  • In-line faucet; one-touch operation
  • 3m external hose for connection to HOTTAP/heater
  • T-splitter for additional outlet (dishes/RV?)
  • Frees up your HOTTAP showerhead for other use
  • All hoses braided and UV-resistant
  • Standard garden-hose fittings
  • Compatible with HOTTAP and range of other heaters

Super-easy installation

Joolca’s en-suite tent features carabiner hooks and Velcro conduits designed specifically for this plumbing kit, making it super-easy to install.

Permanent mounting

Once you’ve installed this kit, that’s it – you won’t have to do it again. The integrated plumbing will fold out and pack up with your Joolca en-suite tent. All you have to do is connect the water, and you’re good to hit the shower.

One-touch operation

Bliss is yours at the flick of a switch; the included in-line faucet activates your HOTTAP automatically as it turns on the water flow.

Extra hot-water outlet

This kit includes a T-splitter, so you can easily set yourself up to have hot water for the dishes as well as shower – a great use for your spare HOTTAP showerhead.

Standard fittings

Thanks to the standard garden-hose connections, you can use this plumbing kit with other outdoor gear that you might already own.

Standard quick-connect fittings

Use with Joolca’s extensions or your standard garden hose. With convenient snap-on fittings, you'll have a leak-proof line in no time.

Product Details

  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • External Hose Length connecting Tee Piece to Outside Tent: 4m
  • Hose Length from Tee Piece to HOTTAP Outlet: 0.5m

What's in the Box

  1. Tee Piece
  2. Hose Length from HOTTAP Outlet to TEE
  3. 3m Hose from TEE to Tent Base
  4. Internal Tent Plumbing (which packs away together with tent once installed)