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We're based in Campbellfield, Melbourne. We're 100% Aussie Owned & Aussie Operated.
Of course, you're more than welcome to pop by for a chat and a look through our small showroom where we have all of our products on display!
You're able to adjust the water flow via the water flow adjustment knob at the front of the unit. You can set the water flow to be between 4L per minute and just over 6L per minute. So, if you're out free camping and water is scarce, you're able to reduce the water flow right down, conversely, if you need high flow to wash your horse you can set it to the highest setting.
The maximum water temperature is set to 50å¡C. This is to prevent scalding. Once the water temperature reaches this amount, the burners will automatically shut-off. To reignite the HOTTAP, you'll simply need to turn the water flow off and back on.
The HOTTAP is rated to heat up to 6L per minute at a temperature rise of 25å¡C. This means that if you've got water coming in at 20å¡C, the HOTTAP will be able to heat it to 45å¡C, at full water flow. Keep in mind that a typical hot shower at home is around 41-42å¡C
When the water temperature of the water is cold, you can still get piping hot water coming out - but you'll need to adjust the water flow down. So, we mentioned that at full flow (being 6L/min) the water is raised by 25å¡C, at minimum flow the water is raised by 35å¡C. So this means that even in the middle of winter in places like Tassie where the water might be sitting around 5å¡C, you'd still be able to get a 40å¡C+ shower from your HOTTAP.
The HOTTAP is an outdoors appliance, and is designed to be used outside. Having said that, if you plan on leaving it mounted outside where it's left exposed to the elements, you will want to consider purchasing a HOTTAP outdoor cover, to protect it and keep it in good condition.
You are able to physically mount the HOTTAP in any way you like. However, you are not able to have a permanent gas connection plumbed in. What this means is that you'll need to connect the HOTTAP to its own gas bottle via its own gas hose & regulator (which we supply with each unit). Alternatively you can get a gas fitter to install a bayonet fitting near the mounted HOTTAP and make the final connection with a flexible quick disconnect hose at your campsite.
The HOTTAP will run off any low voltage pressure pump, which is perfect for when you're free camping or live off-grid and don't have access to mains water to plug into the water inlet connection.
You can place an order either through our online store, or by giving us a call on 1300 669 500, and placing an order over the phone. You can also purchase a Joolca Product at one of our stockists around the country. Visit our stockist page to find one near you.
You can visit our showroom, where we have working demonstrations of all of our products available for you to have a look at and play with. Alternatively, you can see our products and purchase them from a stockist near you.
Yes, you're more than welcome to come down and see a working demonstration of any of our products. If you want to purchase, you are able to buy on the spot.
All of our parcels are sent with eParcel, which is a division of Australia Post.
Yup, if you're after urgent delivery we can ship out your order with eParcel express, which is a next day delivery service to most parts of Australia.
Delivery is free for all orders above $50, and $10 for any orders below this amount. If you want to choose express delivery, the cost will vary depending on your postcode. Once you have selected your items, you can use our 'Delivery Calculator' at the checkout page to find out what the delivery cost will be for an express service.
If we receive your order before 12pm, we will dispatch it the same day. If the order comes in after, it'll be dispatched the next day.
Typically most of the time your order will take around 2-4 days to reach you. For non-metropolitan places or remote areas, this will take longer and really depends on Australia Post. Feel free to use Australia Posts delivery date calculator to get an estimate for how long delivery might take to your area. Keep in mind that we post from Melbourne. For express services, delivery is usually next day, otherwise for remote or outer areas it might be two days.
If you're not happy with your item, for whatever reason, you are entitled to return it for a full refund, guaranteed. We don't care if you open the product, use it, test it, and after all that find that for what ever reason it does't suit your needs. Simply let us know and we'll arrange for a return authorisation slip to have the item sent back to us (at no cost to you). We may ask you why you're returning the item, but this is purely to help us improve. No hassles, guaranteed!
We do! We'll send you a return authorisation form, which means that you'll just need to stick the RMA form onto your original box, and drop it off at any Post Office. They'll take it off your hands and send it straight back to us, at no cost to you.
Once we receive the returned item, we will refund your money via the same method you originally used to make payment. So if you originally paid via PayPal, it will be credited into your PayPal account.
The warranty period depends on the product. For the HOTTAP portable hot water system, we give a full 24 month warranty, but some other items and accessories carry a 12 month warranty. Check our warranty page for details.
We do all of our warranty repairs in-house at our headquarters in Campbellfield, Melbourne. We are planning on establishing a nation-wide network of service agents in the near future.
We will send to a return slip with eParcel, which means that you'd just need to stick this label onto the return box, and drop it off at any Post Office. They will take it off your hands and return the item back to us, at no cost to you.
Once we receive the item back to us, we normally have it fixed up and on its way back to you within 2 days. If its absolutely urgent, we are known to send a replacement unit out to customers before the unit they are returned has been received.
No problem, give us a call and let us know where you'll be heading through next. We'll ship your item there and you'll have it waiting for you at the post office.