Durable Outdoor Cover

Protect your HOTTAP wherever and however it is mounted. The slip-on weatherproof JACKET is padded all-round for extreme protection, and the waterproof zipper just seals the deal.



Photos from the field HOTTAP Jacket

This jacket will keep your HOTTAP protected whether it’s mounted on a wall, pole, spike stand or other vertical surface. Easy to slip on and off, it’s manufactured from reinforced UV-resistant tarpaulin, with waterproof zippers and padding added for extreme protection. Perfect for on-road use with the HOTTAP drawbar mount or in any other demanding outdoor application.

Note: Jacket must be removed whilst HOTTAP is in use.

UV-resistant and waterproof

Featuring reinforced tarpaulin with waterproof zippers, the HOTTAP jacket will last the distance under the harsh Australian sun – not to mention the Australian rain and dust.

Perfect fit

Easy to slide on and off your mounted HOTTAP, this jacket still fits snugly enough to minimise wind drag.

Built for the bush

We suspect that many HOTTAP owners don't exactly stick to bitumen. That's as should be; this jacket is padded to protect your HOTTAP from whatever those outback tracks throw at it.